Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kathmandu Roam

Kathmandu, as the gateway to Nepal Tourism, is the nerve centre of the country’s economy. With the most advanced infrastructure among urban areas in Nepal, Kathmandu's economy is tourism centric accounting for 3.8% of the GDP in 1995–96 had declined since then due to political unrest but has picked up again.

Our first roam to find a restaurant for dinner in Thamel, the tourist area of Kathmandu.

City sites? Infrastructure? Not to worry about going to the gym, navigating the "sidewalks" was a workout: physically, visually, and logistically. Yeah, but fun too. 
Conferred with German Honeymooners on the street and got a recommendation for Thamel House Restaurant - dinner, show and tip - 600 Nepali Rupees, (hereafter known as NR) approximately $8 American.


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