Saturday, October 8, 2011

Coming Around Again

Nepalmonastery1 is continuing - yep part 2 is commencing even as I tick off every item needed for this tour. 
Departure is set for October 10th, Monday, with a direct flight from Newark to New Delhi where after hanging out overnight in the NEW airport we will continue on to Kathmandu for a three night stay. 
A one hour flight on Buddah Air (recently sighted for improperly calibrated scales), will set us down in Pokhara. Two nights in Lakeside, the tourist area of Pokhara, with time to purchase supplies in Mahandrepul, we will arrive on Monday at the Monastery to begin teaching. (From the monastery Lakeside is one walk/bus to HariChawk, then a 20 minute taxi ride.

Lake Phewa

Espresso and Cappuccino Shop, Lakeside

So that "we" up there refers to my traveling companion, Renee, another educator with that "open schedule". It's going to be a first for me,  not having to carry all that luggage into the squat! :-) Oh happy day!

Renee's Favorite Pastime

Renee has been diligently preparing a science curriculum with hands on activities, while I have been sorting and selecting materials to introduce to the Shedra monks, while modeling for them the aspects of an organized lesson plan. As the college monks move toward graduation, they will begin to be the teachers of the younger students. Presently the monastery hires teachers from outside the monastery and the teaching is textbook/rote/testing style. Renee and I hope to open some doors/minds revealing to the monks other approaches to sharing information.
I met with Lama Pema, oops, now Kenpo Pema and he acknowledged that even he himself is a "rambling" teacher. (My adjective, not his) For those of you unfamiliar with Kenpo Pema Wangdak, he is the co-founder and supporter of the Monastery, Recipient of the 2009 Ellis Island Medal of Honor (, teacher and guide of the Sakya sect of Buddhism, residing in NYC. 

Kenpo Pema's Talk on Enthusiasm 
I find him to be a very comfortable, easy to listen to, interesting teacher. 


I have been writing, emailing, sending books and magazines to the monks. This past Christmas I was flooded with joyful messages and photos from the monastery.

But in person is way better.


  1. Ekdam raamro!!! I am thrilled to hear you are heading back to Nepal, dear Helen-ji!!! I wish I could join you as well. Safe travels, and you will be in my heart and mind.
    Maya sanga,

  2. It's wonderful that you are back in the Monastery. If I could find the "nerve" to make the trip.