Sunday, October 30, 2011

Penguin Sunday or Panty, Panty, Panty!

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful and the monks were being treated to a day of swimming at Penguin Swimming Pool by volunteers from Canada, Misses Elizabeth and Emily. After lunch the roundup began and the walk down the hill commenced.

The Progression

The Only Penguins in Nepal

Arriving at the pool the boys disappeared into the changing rooms and they all came out to sit-wait upon the steps for the “whistle”. One little one appeared who had removed all his garments and was in the natural state of dress. The pool manager began to yell, “Panty, panty,panty!” Everyone looked around and for a few moments no one did anything. A brother monk from class IV came forward and tugging at my arm indicating that he had underwear and trunks on and that he would go in and give one pair of bottoms to the other monk. Dilemma averted, no walk up the long hill to retrieve underwear or trunks.

The Whistle Blows

Like the proverbial ducks to water the monks swam, dove, ducked, caroused and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. The water was cold and the little ones would come out for a while and stand still in the very strong sun, regaining their body warmth and return for more going down the water slide.

Class IV Student Jampa Tenzin

Kunga Sangpo with Jamyang Gyaltsen

Misses Emily and Elizabeth on Catching Jampa Sangpo

Monk Monkey#1 - Kunga Sherab

Monk Monkey 2, Kunga Tenzin

Kunga Tenpa and Kunga Gyaltsen

Monks with Andrea, an Artist from Spain

Resting with Dhaks

A Perfect Day

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