Monday, October 24, 2011

Now You See It , Now You Don’t or Vice Versa

The multi-storied temple rises against the Himals, creating a contrast of hues to outdo a Crayola Box. Tibetan colors and symbols adorn the windows. Level one is being used for puja (prayer service) even while the fine artwork continues. Murals are filling the walls with many artists coming from great distances to complete the work. The temple will celebrate its grand opening blessing during Losar 2012.

This guest quarters to the left had only one story when I was here in 2009-2010. In the future the multi-storied building will house the Shedra (college) students on one side and the guests on the other.

Taking a few steps back, the true picture of industry is revealed. Lama Kunga-la had 9 crews working here last week. Nearly all the work is done manually –even the carting of stones and bricks. Women climb the stairs and ladders, every day, with baskets swung over their shoulders, a support band resting on their foreheads. Piles of stone and debris litter the area. Diggings occur here, there and everywhere. The good news is, power cuts occur much less frequently than in 2009-2010, for the very few power tools.

 Morning time often brings surprises, such as this one which occurred on the path I usually take to go down to the main monastery building. 

However the glory and majesty of our hilltop setting remains unchanged.

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