Thursday, October 20, 2011

Splitting the Tariff

Since we are a duo, rather than a solo we qualify for a hotel upgrade! Welcome to the Hotel Shanker, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, a short walk from the chaotic roadway, the hotel provides western comforts including breakfast buffet, replete with omelet table and the be all end all - AIR CONDITIONING. The old palace offers well kept grounds and interesting views. 

Yeah, this was one view, directly out of our room window,  that gave us trouble. Upon further observation this foot belonged to the kid white washing the building. It also served as his only stabilizer. Check out the long shot to see just how high up he was - we were on the fourth floor. If you look closely you can see the bamboo like scaffolding.


  1. Helen! how inspiring!. You are going to be there in the winter month, that is truly brave.
    Keep on blogging.
    This is wonderful!

  2. Lovely to read your posts,

    Great stories and bringing back wonderful memories. Looking forward to more, more, more...