Tuesday, November 8, 2011


“2011 OCT 22, KATHMANDU. Two  persons were killed and 13 others injured when a suspension bridge, over the Trishuli River, collapsed at Fisling, Chitwan on Saturday. Three persons are thought to be missing in the river.”

Just a quarter mile down the road from the monastery is a footbridge across the Seti River. It really is a lovely walk.

 It sways and the swaying increases with the addition of more weight. We were passed by locals going back and forth. From the other side, the prayer flags wave and the monastery sits high upon the hill.

On the banks are extremely modest homes with families going about their daily business.  Machapuchare, sacred mountain to the Hindu god Shiva, watches over all.

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  1. Hi Ms. Foster. My son Jackson is also volunteering at the monastery and gave me the link to your blog. Since he's not carrying a camera that uploads to the web, it is great to view your photos of life inside and outside the monastery. We haven't really had visuals since he arrived in Nepal. Your photos make it all a bit more real for his family back home. Many thanks, Carin Walsh