Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Girls' Night Out

Tihar is one of the MANY Hindu festivals celebrated in Nepal. (Even the cab driver was comparing our lack of, to their surplus of holidays) So after doubling up on our teaching schedule, because the HINDU TEACHERS were off for 5 days, five westerners headed out to Lakeside for dinner – the tourist area of Pokhara. First to walk down the hill to the road and then wait for a bus or passing taxi... strolling along a bus pulled up and on board we went, some on the roof, some inside, all for the price of 10 rupees. About a mile down the road we were stopped by the police and the toppers were told to get down. They scrambled to get inside the already overcrowded bus and we continued to Harichowk. From there we hired a taxi with 4 in the back and 2 in the front, also illegal, but we got through with no problem, probably because we were Westerners.

 Familiar with Lakeside we decided to stop for Espresso.

After ordering I asked for the "toilet" and received an assent from a very young boy who indicated that I should follow him. I did. Out the door, down the street, into the alley, turn to the right, next direct left, under the clothes line and to the voila, nearly.

Actually a fairly clean, neighborhood squat, albeit when I closed the unlock-able door, there was not a thread of light. Thankfully there was a reward after all this.

On to picking up supplies, a little shopping and then meeting for dinner at Moon Dance Restaurant with a flair for serving western food...

...the pharmacy as everyone has been fighting a cold, except for me as I believe I developed some immunities from my last trip when I was very sick.

Ordered an embroidered hat from a lovely man at a tiny shop. Checked out his manual machine. Chatted some as his English was quite good, I paid for the hat and embroidery fixing the return time for after 6:00 PM.

Many dancing groups were in town for the celebration of Tihar, performing on the sidewalks.

 Happily, Moon Dance also has a flair for western loos.

We devoured Greek Salads with Feta, Bruschetta, Hot Lemon, Tandoori Chicken and for dessert some had Crepes with Bananas and Chocolate, while others had  Ice Cream made from powered milk according to one set of taste buds.


  1. Ah yes, it is amazing what one will accept as a "clean" bathroom when traveling. I have have had similar experiences in Mexico villages.
    Coffee looked luscious

  2. Funny, touching and amazing...love the picks. When you were looking for a loo and you followed the boy to get ot it...I wanted to start singing "Over the river and through the woods" for some strange reason except changing some lyrics to "Under the clothesline and thru the woods" LOL
    Glad we were able to chat even tho I couldn't get my skype working...Love you! Be safe!!