Monday, November 7, 2011

Moving Crew

Every afternoon I am treated to the delightful exuberance of and endless team support from Class III. Because I choose to make my classroom outside with light and air, rather than in the cell like rooms that reverberate and echo with every sound, I have a moving crew. The first monk arrives calling “Ms. Foster-la.” I open my door and see many small bodies running across the openness to my room. They climb over the railing handing off their pencil boxes and clipboards to another and extend their arms for my numerous teaching supplies including white board, chair and box of clipboards. 

Outside we are seriously at work listening, questioning, reading, writing and drawing about the Amazon Rainforest.

 On one special afternoon, Kunga Namgyal picked up my supply bag, swung it up onto his shoulder and announced:"Ms. Foster-la'", indicating that he was now the new Ms. Foster-la.

The New Ms. Foster-la

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  1. This is so great!! These boys must love having you in their lives just as much, if not more. I'm the lucky one I get you full time...they get you the choice two times you've gone. You are such a blessing Aunt Helen...I want to grow up to be just like Ms. Foster-La!! Safe trip home~Love you LA ps tell Renee I said hello.