Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Placed in my luggage was a little bug eye that has 24 perfect squares cut into the lens. Using it to look through you can get a “bugs eye” view of the world. Entomologists tell us that bugs like flies and grass hoppers are able to detect movement more easily with this compound lens. So after our lesson on dragonflies off we went into the field.

In the background you can see the additional 3 floors being added onto the guest row. The new structure will be devoted to the Shedra students on one side and the guests on the other. My door is the one in the photo (ground-floor) to the right. I never came out without a glance up and around as water, construction materials and whatnot came swirling off the levels above quite regularly. (It appears that there is no "heads-up" equivalent in Nepali.)


  1. you should put the 'eye' up to your lens and take pictures and post those to show the perspective that the monks had when they were looking at flowers and such! that's great that you brought it with you.

    have you seen microcosmos? it would be a really great movie to show the monks about insects. you want that i send it to you???

  2. Hi Helen. This is Jackson's mom. Several of his family members have really enjoyed your blog since it has provided the only real time visuals of his life in Nepal. He told me you've left the monastery but I don't know if you headed back to the States or are still travelling. Jack said you took some photos with him in them...if you ever have the time, I would just love to see those as it'll be quite a while until I see him again. No pressure, but if it's possible I'd be eternally grateful. My email is cjwalsh@mindspring.com. Very best, Carin Walsh

  3. Amazing photos and info once again....wish I had a lot of money the things I/we could do. Love u. Glad u r back home!!