Friday, January 15, 2010

Flashlight Learning & More

I thought I heard something. I thought I heard it again. Finally I went to the door and standing all alone in the dark was Kunga Sonam from the UKG class. He had walked all alone in the dark up to my room; obviously he wanted some quality time. Unfortunately the power was off, but not wanting to turn him away I set out some books and beamed up a flashlight.

He immediately set to work. He was writing his alphabet and numbers on a wipe-able page, singing the letter names while he wrote. He went through all the various colored dry erase markers. After a while I said I thought it was time to go. I motioned teeth brushing which is the activity before bedtime.

He kept shaking his head no, no. I kept relenting. Finally I knew he must return and as I was leaving to walk him down an older student came and said that they were looking all over for him. Well, for a while he had one to one time. Now, in the evening, every time I hear a scratching noise I’ll be opening my door, expecting my flashlight learner.


On the other side of the equation, my Shedra class meets on my Patio, every day for an hour, usually from 1:00 - 2:00 PM
Here they are partnered up and cramming for a test. 

Jampa Dhakpa, Ngawang Rigzin and Ngawang Phuntsok

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  1. What an amazing journey.....Flashlight learning almost broke my heart!!! Oh how I wish I could've joined you on this trip but I will just have to live vicariously through your adventures which are so wonderful. All the hearts of these young men and boys that you are teaching and also learning from yourself. Like I told a very depressed young lady the other day...we all never really get "out of school" because every day we are learning something new...every day. Giving to someone love, attention, time or just listening is such a wonderful gift and it doesn't cost anything and it's the most precious and you get to touch those lives each day you are there...I am sooooo thankful that "They" have an "Aunt Helen" too!!! I love you!!! TTYS Lori Anne