Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Tickee, No Laundry

Ergo, now power, no bloggee.
This has been the worst episode of load shedding with no power, no power and more no power. Last night I almost ate a cup of noodles dry. There was no hot water for tea, coffee or the invaluable best friend, the hot water bottle.
And on top of that Dariah, the volunteeer from Switzerland went into a screaming frenzy over a 2 foot spider. Manual came to the rescue and after the hullabaloo had died down, the only thing left to worry about was to remember to put a towel at the bottom of our doors so the mice would not come in at night and wake us up with their scrambling. Finding them with a flashlight and reasoning with them to leave the room so one may keep the Buddhist precepts takes patience and virtue.

The ever dutiful lesson planning and the correcting of
22 essays from the Shedra college class.

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