Friday, January 15, 2010

Still Water Runs Deep

While teaching one of the Shedra monks, one of the two quiet ones, I was struck by his silent, warm smile that spread across his entire face when I would make a small joke. Although I have barely heard him speak, his concentration is palatable. For some reason, “still water runs deep” came to my mind and I decided to christen Nawang Dakpa with an new name. Only two or three of the 22 boys have nicknames, I thought one more would be accepted. I have been living and working with them for over a month.

First wanting to check for understanding, I shared the idea with the class and we discussed the phrase “still water runs deep.” I asked them to add to their other assignment and write a response to our discussion.

Still Water Runs Deep
by Kunga Sangpo

In our culture our father, mother, and master frequently advised us to be as “still water (that) runs deep.” Some people misunderstand the proverb and believe that it is nonsense. Actually in Buddhism, we are always trained to be like this; in this way we lessen our desire for our own purpose and so not show too much aversion to others. This behavior also aligns closely with our Bodhisattvas. To embrace “still water runs deep” can ably benefit both ourselves and others.

I Wish You
Ngwang Tsultrim

To be a high thinking person, to do any kind of work very carefully, as “still water runs deep”,
To be a very good person as the proverb “still water runs deep”,
To be an understanding person as the proverb “still water runs deep”,
To be the person who has a good understanding of the of the proverb, “still water runs deep”,
I wish you to be an understanding man as the proverb, “still water runs deep.”

Lord, they do warm my soul.

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