Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gurhka Museum

 It was an utterly grand day and off to the Gurkha Museum went Class 7 and myself. I had had enough of sharing my room with other creatures, so for two classes last week Class Seven swept my walls and ceilings of cocoons and webs, washed my floors and windows, removed the cockroaches from under the linoleum and hopefully frightened the little things and large things away with the smell of Lysol. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I found Lysol in town at Saleways, the local and only one of two in town, food store. Local equates to two bus rides away.

The boys were very excited and so was I. So permission granted from Lama Kunga, down the hill we trotted to begin to walk to Harichowk, hoping a bus would come along with at least one seat inside, as I do not ride on the top of the bus. This group of 4 boys do not get off the ranch much, they are ages 15-17; Kunga Lekshey, Kunga Choepel, Jamyang Sangpo and Kunga Losel. They are kind, polite, and dedicated to each other; truly brother monks.

And so we arrived. The museum was 3 full floors of wonderful exhibits detailing the Gurkha contribution to the world. Some moments were unforgettable.

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