Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spelling Bee

Eleven in the morning on half-day Saturday, Pema Ts'al held its annual spelling bee in the assembly area.  The audience had the distinct look of a family.

Both English and Nepali were being tested. Nepali would have to be written due to the nature of the language.
The three top students competed by selecting a number out of a jar which referenced the word on the official list with the same number.



Some of the Shedra monks were assisting and some were looking on from above.



 Lama Kunga-la presented each winner with a Kata scarf, a package of biscuits and a white envelope - with a small cash prize.

Katas are scarves in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. They are given to one who is leaving on a trip, draped around the neck as an honor to someone, or used to enclose an offering. Traditional katas have a subtle pattern of Tibetan symbols. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! That's my little monk, Tsewang Gyurmay!! Please give him a hug for me! He's one of the good spellers! I'm so happy!

    Thanks for your amazing updates, it looks like you're having a super duper time, Helen!

    :) Alison