Thursday, January 28, 2010

Post Gurkha

Having had a chat and photo op with the museum director, we headed out to Mandripul, for me to stock up on supplies and for us to eat non monastery food.  (The Maoists keep threatening a multi-day strike, like several weeks during which time no vehicular movement would be allowed) So onto another bus and a gathering of items at Salesway. They had some cup of soup, Cream of Leek & Potato, which turned out to be quite a delight at this juncture. More peanut butter and pistachio nuts for protein, batteries for the flashlight, and soy sauce for the rice rounded out my purchases. Passing on the street I was able to purchase some cardamom and fresh cinnamon for tea.

 We ended up at my favorite restaurant in Mandripul, Almond's. Located on the third floor at a busy intersection their house speciality butter chicken masala is delicious. The boys decided on cheese pizzas as they retain their vegetarian status outside the monastery. For dessert it was ND's ice cream.
It was an incredibly wonderful day. Now just a bus ride, a taxi ride and a chug up the hill to be home.

Losel asked the waiter to take a picture and then offered me his lap. The waiter happily complied.

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