Monday, February 8, 2010

Nepali Morning

It's early morning and my tummy is already looking forward to going to Green View, a restaurant within walking distance. The volunteers go here often. The food is varied, and much tastier than our usual fare. It's about ¾ of a mile walk and if we go for breakfast we catch the early morning activities of the Nepali people living along the road.

Uniformed children are groomed and standing in line for the school bus. Mothers attend them. Other woman are washing themselves, the breakfast dishes, or brushing their teeth at the local spicket. Boys are shooting marbles as cows meander among them. Roosters crow and baby ducklings scurry after their mum. One fortunate group of boy go to school in style - a taxi.


The per capita income for 2007/2008 was just $470 US. Over 1/3 of Nepalis live below the poverty line; in 2004, the unemployment rate was a shocking 42%. Most homes have no running water and of course no heat. They may have an electrical line tied into their home, just for bare bulb lighting, when there is power that is.

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  1. When the poor of La Paz are compared to the poor of Nepal, the Mexicans look rich by comparison.
    cute kids with shiny faces...Nice post