Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Washing Machines and Bose Sound Systems

As I hear the washing machine in the background and listen to Enya on the Bose, I realize just how far away I was. Much farther than miles. Washing my clothes by hand in a bucket of cold water was partly doable because I only had to wash 2-3 times a week as I wore my clothes for at least three days. Less hot water meant fewer hair washes and virtually no time spent on my "toilette".

There was so much less to maintain in Nepal. So much less to take care of. Much more time was available even without the accoutrements of my western life.

Owning less, thus cleaning less, straightening less, managing less gave space for more.

Can I live within the more and keep the less, which was truly more?


  1. Verry ture some thing not every one under stands. The gift of knowing this and under standing this gives me great graditude and a good filling inside. I've learnd this when living in the desarts of AZ (Tonopah) with no electricity. Your life will improve and become efecent. The time given back is unmeserble brings a tranquil feeling a pease. Time given back to injoy ones self. I'm happy for you. You work very very hard to get this gift.

  2. thanks Anthony, I can see that you really do get it and thanks for sharing this which we both can treasure.