Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Shedra Class

In a week of many lasts, this one was the deepest last. Having taught the Shedra college class for an hour every day, which sometimes stretched into another half an hour, for 2 and a half months, many exchanges occurred. Threats for tardiness, teasing interactions, nicknames created, scored papers returned, a sea of 22 faces distinctly intent on listening and learning, and a final class average of 91; could a teacher ever be any happier?
So for our final class, the top three students were recognized. First place with a 100 average Jampa Dkakpa, also renamed Double One Hundred, second honors to Ngawang Rigzen, with an average of 100, just less of them then Jampa. The third place student, Pemsi Lhundrup with an average of 99 and I had to make a fourth for Sam's 98 average. Small gifts of some NRupees and the joy from their Ms. Foster in presenting their due finished the final class. 

 Double One Hundred

Ngawang Rigzen

  Pemsi Lhundrup

 Sam - Kunga Sangpo

Shedra Class with Kenpo (Abbot)

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