Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rain and Thunder…

It's raining, raining, raining. 'Course last night I soaked a wash to ring and rinse today and hang in the sun. Hah! It is now hanging in my bathroom; doubt it will dry especially since the forecast is for 2 more cloudy days. I got that info from the US while on Skype with Rob. Getting a local weather forecast here is impossible unless I go on the Internet, which of course I need power for.

Around 3:00 AM I was awakened by a surrealistic thunder that was one long continuous, echoing, earth shaking sound. Since it was not raining it took me a minute to register it as thunder. I didn't think there were rains except during the monsoon season. Of course I have no raingear, based on the previous misassumption. This also means that I will not be able to teach on my piazza. The classrooms in the monastery are dark, dank, and natural echo chambers. There is nothing in them to absorb the sound. No carpeting, no window dressing, nothing but table desks and a blackboard, maybe a map.

Kept on my 2 shirts, and my North Face Jacket, rolled up my pants and removed my 2 pairs of socks. Slipped on my flip flops and went sloshing in the lake of water to go down to teach. Wrapped up a unit on Forest Animals, courtesy of Renee; played a game to give out all the lovely post cards she had sent to correspond with the book. God what happy faces. 
Left the book in residence with the oldest student, with permission for anyone to borrow and reread it at their leisure. Leaving the room, tucking my supply boxes and bags under my arms, I turn and see a little one in the back row, beckoning me to put up my hood.  (so teacher will not get wet) !!;;* #$   Jeeze I can't start blubbering now, I still have a few more days.

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