Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Convent Visit

Ngawang Rinchen, Ngawang Kalden and Lekshey Tsering set off to take me to a sister convent. Two of the boys have sisters at this nunnery; Chime Dolkar and Tsering Sangmo. Located in Chinachowk it is 2 bus rides and a walk, away from our monastery.
Ngawang Kalden & Lekshey Tsering

First we hit Mahadrapul for my supplies list. While at Saleways I suggested we take the nuns a snack treat. Ngawang Rinchen scoured around and knowing the numbers needed found a carton of apple juice packs with 30 units, just the right amount. We settled on canned mango juices for the teachers.

Photo totally set up by Ngawang Rinchen

When I first met the girls outside and was introduced to them, they would not talk; they just smiled and smiled and smiled. Finally the monks and other teachers left and I was alone with them. HA! That's all we needed. The gabfest was on. The girls who spoke English well acted as interpreters for both sides. They were awesome.

 The Kitchen
The convent only winters here in Pokhara as its seat is in the kingdom of Mustang near the town of Tsarang. It is a fairly new structure and very spare. The bedrooms serve as classrooms and the dining hall is the yard. The rooms are clean and neat. The nuns are lovely and delightful. I taught a "getting to know you" lesson in English, and then followed up with a question and answer session. 

Outside Dish Washing by the Water Tank

Our Hostess, the Principal's Wife

The girls' bedrooms held multiple beds. Little ones sleep with older ones.

Beds Serving as Desks

I taught these girls a math lesson on place value. We did have a white board in the bedroom.

Two Swiss girls were volunteering : Amja Waldmeier and Rahel Isenrich. This afternoon after classes they were playing a game with the girls and so much joyful laughter rang out through the little convent yard.


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