Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

To be or not to be:

An Iphone carrier: no - too many possibilities of exorbitant charges if any app looks for connectivity; $3.49 a minute for talking too steep
(see great article in LA Times for traveler who didn't know better!)

An Ipod carrier: yes, mustn't feel too naked too soon and those layovers in Seoul...

Digital audio recorder carrier: yes because it runs on batteries, triple A, and if my laptop is down I can still record the moment/event/discussion/thoughts

New Nikon digital camera carrier: Yep, I went for the dive, the deep one. However a large problem looms; manual instructs not to use a volt reduction transformer to charge Nikon battery. So then, like, you can't take this camera out of the country? What's up with that??? (Don't sweat it, remember I am a risk taker)

Flashlight and headlight carrier: Super definite on taking two torches; plus lotsa batteries.

Drug carrier: Indubitably: Cipro, Lomotil (acute diarrhea fixer upper),and Tamiflu, from my doc and Oxycodin from my med cab - just in case of kidney stone pain.

Time to lighten the mood a bit...

School yard with Machapuchare Peak, taken by Alison Domzalski, 
an influential catalyst for this journey.

See more of Alison's photography at


  1. If this reaches you, then I surmounted one hurdle with blogging! Helen, wishing you a wonderful experience in Nepal...you're perfect for such an adventure and your future students will be absolutely thrilled with you.
    Keep us posted frequently!

  2. Kudos to Connie - you're on top of it!