Monday, November 30, 2009

Passport & Customs

On the flight into Tribuvan, the lovely Korean Air hostesses pass out multiple papers to be filled in. One paper states that if carrying more than 2 pens or pencils, one should proceed to the "red channel".

Oh boy, I am so over the limit, but I'll take the green channel. I mean why make a fuss over a gross of pencils and multiple pens?

Arrive Tribuvan Airport and line up to purchase VISA. Although mis-stated in several documents and on web, low and behold I get the VISA I longed for - 3 months - $100. 
(I had read that I could get 3 months for 100 bucks, but the print out application from the web only went up to 2 months for 80 bucks, which I checked off. So the customs officer says "2 months?", at least that's what it sounded like, I assented and he asked for 100 bucks. Oh well, I thought everything goes up. However then I glance at the stamp and it's for 3 months - 100 bucks!

Commence to luggage pick-up. Grab 2 bags off carousel, head to long line at customs. What? Seems as if I am being waved to. At least I think they mean me. Now what? Another wave, RIGHT THROUGH CUSTOMS, no luggage check?

Thank you Lord Buddah, Lord Krishna, Ganesh, and everyone else out there.


  1. Robert told me he heard from you and everything is going well. Glad your trip went smoothly! Sending my love to Nepal. Ellen

  2. Helen,
    Did you take any pictures of your hair-raising ride from the airport to the monastery? I really would like to see those!

  3. Was checking the blog everyday, so glad today is Thursday and you've had a chance to write. Great stuff, Helen!!!

  4. hi Aunt Helen...heard you arrived thankful for that. I've been so busy all week but hopefully this week I'll be able to keep up with you....Be safe...I love you!