Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Unique Flag of Nepal

The flag of Nepal is unique as it is the only national flag created by the combination of two pennants thus being the only non quadrilateral national flag in the world. Various sources give different interpretations of the symbols of the Nepalese flag.

According to the author, Professor Daya Ram Shrestha, "the crimson is supposed to signify the blood shed by brave Nepalis of yore who safeguarded our independence. The sun is a symbol of the Nepali soul, the moon signifies the Nepali mind. The blue border is the Himalayan sky and portrays the immensity of the universe of which we are a part." (http://www.nepalitimes.com/issue/2002/09/06/Heritage/5921)

According to the Times article tourists purchase miniature flags to adorn their backpacks and caps. Schools only fly the flag during the celebration of a national event. 

Professor Daya Ram Shrestha, won the Madan Puraskar, Nepali literary world’s most prestigious prize, in 1997 for his research on the Nepali national flag.

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