Monday, December 21, 2009

Beyond, Bed Bath and Beyond

Loving linens as I do, I was perfectly able to leave them all behind. OK I brought a few towels I made especially for the trip; easy dry ones with just a little embroidery.
I also did not bring a sleeping bag. First I was staying at a hotel in Kathmandu, and then when 'I got me to a monastery'  I figured…
Needless to say, a shopping trip was in order.
Ready made sheets? What was that madam? (or at least that’s what it sounded like to me)
No No.
On to the next shop. And the next one and the next day.
I was shown some type of fabric that would remind us more of a bedspread with sham, no less, but they all had a similar, how shall I say, ummm, odor. Not good.
So using some fabric I had purchased in Kathmandu I got by. And then this. The moment I had been waiting for; a first for me, purchasing sheets off a bolt of fabric by the meter.
Total cost - around ten dollars American

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