Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kantipur Temple Hotel

The ride from Tribuvan Airport to the hotel was as promised; hair raising for some (like someone I left home), but delightfully on the edge for me. 

My large room has a very beckoning triple window seat overlooking the courtyard, inviting one to sit, read, rest, write. The windows open, but there are no screens. It's in the mid-range for Nepal - 60 dollars a night. 

To make things easier on guests, the electric lights out schedule is posted for every night this week. Some nights the electric will go off as early as 5:30! Not sure what happens in the restaurant. In the bedroom there is a single bulb up high by the door which will kick in from the hotel's generator.

Partook of a very delicious chicken tikka masala - not too spicy, little sweet tomato taste, not too much, served with organic brown rice. I chatted with the wait staff and learned that both young men one Kripan, aged 21, and the other Keshab, age 23, are college students. Kripan is studying business management and Keshab, an education major, wants to be a "good teacher in the future". Their English was excellent and as they may very well be reading this so I must also say that they were a pleasure to meet!

The key for the room has a story all it's own, at least that's the message padlocks send to me. Slight change from the old key card. lol

(I am having trouble uploading photos, the connection is very slow, will work on it, 'cause ya gotta see the photos)

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  1. Sounds good; how did you know the brown rice was organic?