Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Petite Discoveries

Removing earplugs relieves one of the belief that the water they showered in last night has polluted their sinuses

Kathmandu does have dogs assigned to bark all night

Earplugs are now more valuable than "universal sink stopper"

Tax on restaurant food is 13 percent

SC - (10% service charge on the restaurant bill) is also a mystery to the waiter; but no "it is not a tip"

Tax, plus mystery service charge plus tip equals additional 45% of the food cost

All universal electrical plug kits are not equal (not sure what to risk frying first)

Well, at least I'm cozy in my room at the Kantipur Temple, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.


    1. Helen,
      I really like your room--yes, it so very cozy. What kind of food have you been eating at these expensive restaurants? Is the menu in Ehglish? Have you yet encountered other foreign visitors or other foreign teachers at the monastery? Are you the only woman teaching there? Have you been introduced to your students yet? (That cab was cool!)

    2. Thanks for sharing all your wonders in getting to the Temple. It has been fun traveling with you and the pictures are great.
      Love ya

    3. So happy to be following your travels. Really, Helen, great stuff!