Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from Pema Ts'al Sakya Institute

Early Morning at the Front Gate
  Christmas Day

Today the sun is shining, as I sit at my computer with a hot water bottle between my legs, two shirts, one vest, a long sleeve fleece and a yak shawl around my shoulders, pashmina around my waist and two pairs of socks. Last night we had rain and lightning; the 2nd time since my arrival.

This morning was lovely and breakfast was a jam fest. Little ones walking around with their books, cramming for exams. Exams started yesterday and take place for a week. Subjects include: Math, Nepali, Tibetan, English, and Science. Lucca and I enjoyed quizzing the youngest ones studying for English. There are no other such adorable "sponges" as these little monks. They love to learn; they love to interact even more.

I asked one of the older monks what were the animals on the top of the gate representing. He explained that they were deer; a male and a female. I was doubtful until I was finally able to see one "point" on the deer to the right. He explained that there were many stories about Buddah and the Deer Park. Here's a link to a worthy read:  

Class II is my youngest class; about 4th grade level English. Rather then hold my class in their room which is dim, cold and an echo chamber, we meet on my piazza.

From left to right
Back row: Sonam Dhondup, Kunga Dorjee
Middle row: Jampa Tenzin, Kunga Gyaltsen, Kunga Leckdup (Kunga has his hands over Jampa's head)
Front row: Richen Dhondup, inset Jampa Rebgy, Jamyang Dorjee, Kunga Soepa

So today there are regular classes but after lunch Lucca and I will head over to Lakeside aka Touristville, where we might find some Christmas carols and definitely western food.

I want to thank all of you who are following and sending blessings this way, for your readership. The monks thank you also. There is so much goodwill in our country and it is received here with much joy.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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