Monday, December 28, 2009

Puzzle Boy

This little one found my room. Actually it wasn't me he wanted, it was my puzzles. (thanks Renee) I usually bring some to mealtime as there is about 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after when we can have free play. His name is Kunga, well about half of them are named Kunga, I forget his second name. I call him puzzle boy. As you can see here I served him peanuts. The children have a snack every day at 3:00. Hot tea with milk and sugar, or hot water if there is no tea, and some kind of flaked cereal that they put in the hot liquid to make a mush which they then eat with their fingers.

I don't teach his class, level 1 perhaps, but he is very bright and a self-starter. Together we created his own puzzle. I had brought with me some postcards/greeting cards, so we took a ruler and lined the back of the picture with cutting lines. Then I showed him my wavy scissors. He ended up with a 19 piece puzzle, an artistic rendition from a Greenwich Village post card; he worked it like a pro.

Proud Puzzle Maker and Owner of His Own Puzzle

Playing Old Maid in Ms. Foster's Room
Guess who has the Old Maid


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  4. Oh my goodness! "Puzzle boy" is beloved Kunga Tenzin. He is like a mini Lama Kunga Dhondup-very social and curious! He loves to track down the volunteers' abodes and play with their things. When I was there, it was the camera, the cellphone and the videocamera. And he is a whiz kid!! I'm so happy to see his story here and my! he has grown!!
    I wanna post a pic of him as a l'il one.
    Thanks Helen! I'm so glad to see your blog!

    :) Alison

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