Monday, December 21, 2009

Reach Out and Touch Someone

I have just gotten up and I have more clothes on than I ever imagined; moving is a challenge. Robert has sent me fingerless gloves up to the elbow. They are not here yet but I will love him forward.
It is 7:20 AM and I am boiling water, cause we do have electricity, and placing it in my sink and a bowl around my room.
Even though it is light I have lit the two candles I own. This is in hopes to dispel some of the cold from the air. My room never receives much direct sunlight; not till late afternoon.
I just went into my bathroom to empty my wash bucket and add fresh rinse water. I forgot to roll up my sweat pant and pj legs, so now they are wet. The bathroom here is the type where the shower is part of the whole room. There is a drain on the floor under the sink. Thus when I pour my wash bucket water out towards the drain it goes all over the floor. I did buy flip flops, but now I have wet cuffs.
Just took a sip of hot tea. Mmmmmm.
In the morning when the little ones arrive at the dining room before breakfast, they get themselves a metal cup of hot water - and I mean hot. No American mother would let her child within 5 feet of such hot water nor consider serving it to them. After getting their cup they carry it to their table and wrap their precious hands around the hot metal.
I am now boiling water again to fill up my large thermos, in case the power is cut, I may still have tea or coffee or a little HOT WATER.
When the sun rises this cold will diminish. I see the sun peeking between low  mountains in the east.

Yesterday afternoon sitting at a blue table with two blue chairs in the sun I spent much of the morning correcting 24 essays, and boy was I wishing I had some help. Be careful what you wish for.

 Yep, he's obviously familiar with that "reach out and touch someone" Kodak moment. 

OK, I'm taking a poll, how many of you would have remained seated with only an Iphone between you and your cousin?

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